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Locate Books in Howe Library

These call number ranges hold a variety of books on acting and various aspects of theatre and drama.

PN 1560-1590 : Performing Arts PN 2000-3307 : Dramatic representation.  The Theater Z 5781 : drama, plays, theatre bibliographies
PN 1600-3307 : Drama PN 2061-2071 : Art of Acting  

Books that may be checked out of the Library are on the 3rd floor (Call # PN).   Reference Books (main/1st floor): ROW 10 (Call #: PN)
Browse the Stacks : Find a useful book in the stacks? Browse in that area to discover other books that might be useful.

Use the Library Catalog to Search for Books in the Library

The Library Catalog locates books, journals (not articles), microfilm, dvds, cds, and U.S. documents (1976->) owned by the UVM Libraries. There are two versions of the catalog:
CATQuest version and the Classic Library Catalog. Each version has its advantages and disadvantages.
Because the CATQuest search box is front and center on the Library homepage, find instructions for using the CATQuest version below. If something confuses you, use the Classic Library Catalog. To find this link on the Library homepage, click the "Research" link at the top of the page and find the link in the "FIND" column.

Find Books by Subject

Use Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)* in the  Library Catalog to locate books on your topic. Click image below (live link!) to be brought to the Browse search function in CATQuest.

Examples of Library of Congress subject headings on Theatre and Drama:

Note: For subject headings on costume and fashion, use the Costume Subject Guide.  For subject headings on theatre history, see Theatre History - Find Books in... in this guide.

Design and Production

i.e.,facilities used to stage drama
dramaturgy, USE
dramatic technique
theaters stage-setting and scenery     theaters electronic sound control  stage directions
 set designers   theaters sound effects   actors
stage lighting  theaters production and direction     actresses
theaters lighting  theater management actors and actresses 
stage machinery theatrical makeup mime
stage management drama explication pantomime
stage props   drama technique puppets
theater architecture  playwriting puppet making
theater technological innovations commedia dell'arte puppet theater

Acting & Movement

acting monologues monodramas stage fighting stage fencing  
method acting   monologues drama   improvisation acting   movement acting    

Drama Criticism*
*Theatre as defined in this guide is drama as acted on the stage. Drama is defined as plays as a literary form.

dramatist/playwright (last name first name)
e.g., jonson ben
look for subheading "criticism and interpretation"  
political plays
[look for subheading "history and criticism"]
drama history and criticism
see also,   drama criticism
american drama 20th century history and criticism
american drama history and criticism drama [time period] history and criticism
english drama [look for time periods] mysteries and miracle plays [geographic region] history and criticism  
classical drama commedia dell'arte
greek drama [spanish, german, etc.] drama
latin drama dramatists [note various subheadings]

Books Beyond Howe Library

Enrich your research by searching for books beyond the UVM Libraries.

In addition to the databases above, consider:
Book Reviews: Article databases frequently index book reviews. If you find a review (or citation for a review) for a book that looks useful or interesting, check the library catalog to see if the library owns it. If the library doesn't own the book, borrow it through Interlibrary Loan.
Bibliographies:  Scholarly journal articles, scholarly encyclopedia essays, and academic-oriented books will provide bibliographies or lists for further reading. If you find a book that looks useful or interesting, check the library catalog to see if the library owns it. If the library doesn't own the book, borrow it through Interlibrary Loan. These are indeed the "low hanging fruit" during the research process!