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Newspapers - Frequently Used, Full Text

Frequently Asked Questions, New York Times All Digital Access

Q: How do I get access to the New York Times All Digital Access through the UVM group license?
A: Visit and follow the instructions. This three-minute video tutorial outlines the process: New York Times (All Digital Access): Claim Your Account.
Q: Can I set up access to the New York Times All Digital Access from off campus? 
A: Yes. Visit and follow the instructions. Once you have found and selected "University of Vermont - Burlington, VT," click “Go” if you are off campus.
Q: I have an existing paid New York Times subscription. Can I use the UVM group license instead?
A: If you have an existing paid subscription, you must cancel it before your account may be linked to the UVM group license. Contact New York Times customer care at or 800-591-9233.
Q: I have an existing New York Times account but am not currently a paying subscriber. Can I link this free account to the UVM group license to get subscription content?
A: You may link an existing NYT account to UVM’s group license so long as you do not currently have your own paid subscription (see above). However, some users have experienced issues trying to utilize their existing accounts. If you are unable to successfully link your existing account with UVM’s group license, please contact and/or the Howe Library reference desk for assistance.
Q: When I set up an account linked to the UVM group license, am I required to use my UVM e-mail address?
A: You may use a non-UVM e-mail address. If you do choose to use your UVM e-mail address, you may use either version: or
Q: Once I have created my account, how do I actually get to the online newspaper?
A: Visit and click "LOG IN." Alternatively, you may download the New York Times app on any device and log in through the app.
Q: When will my account expire?
A: UVM students will have access until they graduate. Faculty and staff members must renew once every four years and should note the expiration date in their calendars because there are no subsequent reminders.
Q: I think my account expired. What should I do?
A: If you need to reactivate your account, go to and click “Research Databases” > “New York times (all digital access)” > "Connect to New York Times, All Digital Access" and follow the instructions provided.
Q: I have forgotten when my account expires. Where can I look that up?
A: Go to If you are already logged in, or once you log in, you will see your subscription end date at the top of the screen.
Q: What if I forgot my password or want to change it?
A: You may reset your New York Times password any time at
Q: I do not have a valid UVM NetID. Can I use the UVM New York Times group license?
A: No, only people with valid UVM NetIDs can utilize UVM's group license. 
Q: I was formerly a UVM student and created an account linked to the UVM group license. After some time away, I have returned to UVM. How do I reactivate my account?
A: Visit and log into your pre-existing New York Times account. As long as you do not have a personal New York Times subscription associated with that account, you should be able to re-link it to the UVM group license.