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Newspapers - Frequently Used, Full Text

About This Guide

This guide facilitates access to full-text articles from six frequently used newspapers.

UVM Libraries purchases access to these newspapers in print, in databases, and on microfilm. The wide array of options can make it difficult to determine which resource to use.

This guide will help library users select the resource that will best meet their needs based on criteria including:

  • coverage dates
  • whether or not today’s paper is included
  • searchability and browsability
  • access to ads and images vs. articles only
  • cover-to-cover coverage

For more in-depth, topical assistance with newspapers please see the related guides linked on this page.

Exceptions to Cover-to-Cover Coverage

Having trouble finding a specific article? Finding newspaper articles and other content can be difficult for several reasons:

  • Sometimes articles have different titles in the print edition and the online edition. 
  • Sometimes articles appear in a newspaper’s online edition and not in its print edition, and vice versa.
  • Sometimes the online editions of newspapers contain items such as data sets or interactive content that are not included in library databases.
  • In rare cases, articles are excluded from online databases because they were written by freelance writers who did not give permission for their articles to be published electronically.* Unfortunately, no notice is provided that articles are missing; they simply do not appear in the database search results. To confirm that a known article is missing, try searching or browsing by publication date to see if the article appears among others published on that date.

* In the “Tasini Decision,” the U. S. Supreme Court stated that reproduction of freelance authors’ magazine and newspaper articles in computer databases, without authors’ permission, infringed on the authors’ copyrights. (533 U.S. 483).