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Connecting to Library Resources

Tips and tricks for connecting to the library's online journals and databases from anywhere in the world.

Connecting to Library Resources

To access online books, journals, and research databases subscribed to by UVM Libraries, you need to convince the site that you are entitled to use our subscription. That is normally done by accessing the resources from a computer on the UVM network. If you are off campus, using the VPN or EZproxy simulates being on the UVM network and will get you access.

Most people, most of the time, will not need to do anything special. Simply access library resources through the Dana Health Sciences Library website: If our website recognizes that you are not on the UVM network, it will automatically send you through EZproxy. You may be prompted to sign into EZproxy with a UVM netID and password.

If you don't have a UVM netID or if you prefer to access resources without going through the library website, there are other options. Select your primary affiliation at the left to see how you can still connect to library resources. If you have multiple affiliations, feel free to pick and choose whichever method you like best.

Connection Options, by Affiliation