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Posters and Poster Presentations

Support for creating and presenting scholarly posters

Printing options

Posters can usually be printed on heavy paper (sharpest resolution, awkward to transport) or on fabric (slightly less sharp, but easier to transport), although options and prices vary. The University Libraries currently do not offer poster printing services. Please check with one of the following options:



When you first contact the printer, be sure to ask what kind of file type they want you to send in order to avoid delays. Most printers will ask you for a PDF version.


Be sure to check your poster and make sure that everything (text, images, etc.) printed correctly as soon as you get it. Some printers will give you a test sheet, which is a 8x11 version of your poster, so that you can review it for mistakes before they print it. Check carefully! Some elements can get distorted when the file is exported to PDF format.