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Artists' Books at UVM

Finding Artists' Books

Search the library catalog

  • Search by the title and by the names of individual artists and private presses. 
  • Some useful subject search terms include: artists’ books, toy and movable books, miniature books.
  • The same terms can be used in keyword phrase searches (select as a phrase).  Terms associated with book construction and design (for example, accordion binding) may also be used in keyword searches. 

Consult a librarian
Because it can be difficult to find artists’ books on a particular topic using the catalog, individuals are encouraged to contact Special Collections librarians for assistance.  A knowledgeable staff member will be glad to assemble a group of books to meet specific interests in a topic, binding style or technique.  Send an e-mail to Special Collections at or call 656-1493 to arrange an individual selection.


Books by Julie Chen, Flying Fish Press