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Students Studying Abroad: A Library Guide

Learn about your destination

Suggested starting points

Remote access - UVM Affiliates Only  = Remote access for UVM affiliates only

Europa World Online Remote access - UVM Affiliates Only : Up-to-date country background info.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations Remote access - UVM Affiliates Only‚Äč: Detailed country info.

World Newspapers and Magazines: Read news from your destination country.


Comprehensive guide to country background information resources:

UVM Libraries Country Research Guide




Electronics checklist

  • Check with your cell phone service provider to understand international calling and data charges. Explore all your communication options.
  • Remember all your chargers and power cords.
  • Check the electricity standard in your destination country and bring power adapters if necessary.
  • Make a plan for backing up valuable data.  Use the cloud, external drives, flash drives. 
  • Make sure you have installed all your security updates on your devices.
  • Check the state of electricity in your destination.  Are there power surges, frequent power outages, slow network speeds?  Plan accordingly.