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Students Studying Abroad: A Library Guide

A guide to the UVM Libraries for study abroad students

Connect to UVM Libraries subscription resources

Access Library Resources from Off Campus


Many library resources are restricted to authorized University of Vermont affiliates (students, staff, and faculty).

Connecting to resources from the Libraries websites or CATQuest

Links from the Libraries websites in CATQuest, Journal List, Subject Guides, etc. are automatically proxied for off campus use and you do not need to do anything else. If you haven’t already authenticated, attempting to access a library resource will generate a UVM log-in screen for you to enter your NetID and password.

Accessing resources from direct links or bookmarks

To access library resources directly (without linking through a Libraries website), you must use the VPN and connect to:

Cisco AnyConnect VPN connect screen showing address.

You can start and stop the VPN client at any time without interrupting your Internet connection or exiting any of your applications, however you may need to restart streaming content such as radio programs or podcasts. The VPN client may also affect wireless printers on your home network.

Documentation on how to install and use the AnyConnect VPN is available on the ETS Knowledge Base:

Software and installation documentation

Connecting and authenticating to UVM

Accessing a resource that is not working from the Libraries website


If you are unable to connect to a resource from the Libraries website, please report the issue or contact any Libraries service point.


You may also try connecting to the resource via the VPN with This will enable you to reach resources that are unavailable for proxy connection due to an issue with the proxy server.

Connecting to Google Scholar

A couple options for using Google Scholar  while away, with the ability to connect you with the full text of articles to which UVM has electronic subscriptions:

1) Click on the  "Connect off campus" green button on the main library home page, login, and then select Google Scholar from the Research databases list (to get to this list, click on the green Research Databases button on the library home page.)

2) If you have the VPN (Cisco AnyConnect) installed on your computer,  FIRST log in to your VPN, and then go to: or search directly in the Google Scholar box below.

Download the VPN (Cisco AnyConnect) software from:

Getting help

There are a variety of ways to get help from the UVM Libraries while off campus or abroad.  Have a question?  Please ask us!

Ask a question to a Subject Specialist.

Ask a question about library resources and services through our e-mail reference service.

Use our Ask A Librarian chat service below to ask a question.