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Guide to getting started with Mendeley citation software.


Mendeley offers three different types of groups for sharing information and collaborating, each with varying levels of permissions. See below for details.

Questions? Please contact Christie Silkotch ( for more information.

Creating Groups

  • Click "Create Group"
  • Enter the following: Group Name, Description, Group Type (see this page)
  • When finished, Mendeley will prompt you to invite members; you can do this later if you want to skip it

Types of Groups

  • Require invitation
  • Not visible to anyone outside the group
  • Allow for sharing references, PDFs, and shared multi-user PDF annotation
  • Members can participate in group discussion

Mendeley's free version allows for 5 private groups with up to 25 members.

  • Require invitation or an administrator-approved request to join
  • Publicly visible
  • Allow for sharing references (citations, not PDFs)
  • Non-members can "follow" the group and participate in discussion but can not add new references
  • Membership is open to the public
  • Publicly visible
  • Allow for sharing references (citations, not PDFs)
  • Any member can add new references to a group

Adding References to a Group

  • Desktop: Drag and drop selected papers into the group listing under "GROUPS" in the left-hand panel.
  • Web: Select papers from your library, then click "Add to" in the bar over your library. Select "Group" and then the desired group followed by "Share" to complete.

References will be available to group members immediately in Mendeley Web or after pressing "Sync" in Mendeley Desktop.

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