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Guide to getting started with Mendeley citation software.


Mendeley Data now offers the option to publish and share your supporting data files, which is often required by journals and funding agencies. See below for details on how it works, but please consult the Mendeley Guides section for more details about whether or not this is the right storage/sharing solution for you.

For questions about storing and sharing data, please see our Data Management Research Guide and/or contact Christie Silkotch (


  • Assigns a DOI (digital object identifiers) to your data
  • Facilitates sharing with collaborators at a distance
  • Supports multiple versions of datasets
  • Discover data shared by others

Publishing a Dataset

  • From the Mendeley Data website, click either "New Dataset" or "Start Uploading".
  • Fill out descriptive metadata, such as: Title, Contributors, Description, Steps to Reproduce, and Related Links. Optional fields are designated.
  • Click to upload or drag-and-drop your files in the Data Files section of the entry form. (You can upload files of any type up 100GB for institutional users [ email address] or 10GB for free users).
  • Specify use and access by choosing a license and setting an embargo if you do not want the files to be made public for a specified amount of time.

Mendeley Upload Dataset