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HCOL 2000: Animal Products in Human Nutrition - Kraft (Fall 2023)


Use the resources on this page to help you document your research (including images!) and format your citations properly.

For more information and details about why citations matter, see Citations, Style Guides and Information Management Tools.

Creating Citations

Citing Images

When using images in your work, make sure to give proper attribution to the owners of the creative works, just like a reference in a paper.

Check with the citation style that you are using, or use this template below:

Creator’s last name, First initial. Middle initial. (Role of creator). (Year of creation). Description or title of image. [Type of work]. Retrieved from URL.

Sourcing Images

Just because you found something on the web doesn't mean that it's freely available to use.

  • Copyright is the legal right that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights to its use and distribution. 
  • Many creators license their work via Creative Commons, which allows for others to use and build upon their creative works legally. 

Resources to help you find Creative Commons images for your presentations:

Writing Help