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German Language & Literature

This guide is an introduction to some of the major reference works and databases of scholarly research in the field of German language and literature.

Guten Tag!

This guide describes a number of resources designed to aid your research in German language and literature. You'll find excellent scholarly works in German, English, and other languages. Please contact me if you have any questions (see contact info on the right). The following is a brief sketch of the types of materials available on different floors of the library.

First Floor

Media Collections: German films on DVD and videocassette; operas and choral works on DVD and CD.

Reference: See tabs on the left

Second Floor

Periodicals: German-language publications in alphabetical order by title. Many periodicals are available online or on microfilm. Check CATQuest or click on Journal Titles on the UVM Libraries home page.

Books: Beginning of the book collection. Call number letters A-F 1699.

Third Floor

Books: Continuation of book collection. Call numbers F1700-ZA.

  • German Language:  PF3001 - PF5999
  • German Literature:  PT1 - PT4870
  • German Literature:  QUARTO (oversized) PT etc.


Featured Books

To find these and other books, locate the Library Catalog on the UVM Libraries home page.

Try a Quick Search in the Library Catalog, or a Guided Keyword Search.

Das Deutsche W├Ârterbuch (Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm)

Deutsches Wörterbuch von Jacob Grimm und Wilhelm Grimm (DWB)(courtesy of the University of Trier)

Click on the phrase Online-Wörterbuch aufschlagen to get started.  In the main search box, typing the initial letters of the word you are researching will display an alphabetical list of words. Each definition has a permanent URL and is available in a .pdf format for easy printing.

Vorworte. This tab displays a list of volume numbers and their corresponding forewords.

Entstehungszeit des DWB.  This tab displays a chart, written in German, that chronicles the important events of each year that the Bros. Grimm worked on the dictionary, as well as subsequent years of editing.




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