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ENGL 1001: Written Expression

Introduction & Materials

As you conduct your research for Portfolio Two, we ask that you keep track of your research process by using a Research Log. The research log can help you:

  • Keep track of what you are looking for and how that changes during the process
  • Keep track of where and how you looked for information
  • Reflect on what you've done and identify next steps
  • Prepare you to have a conversation about your research with your instructor, a librarian, or a Writing Center tutor.


Sample Research Log

Here is the first page of research log for a person just starting to do their research.

Research Log Sample


This researcher identified narrower concepts (bird and bats) for further inquiry. Now, they can go back and search for more materials on birds and bats start explore in more depth what the issues are and what different ideas and perspectives are emerging.
This topic could continue to be narrowed down by location (United States for example).
This researcher noticed that there were different types of articles that came up (academic, newspapers, magazines, and more). They may want to go back and look for certain types later. For example, a new search for newspaper articles to see how particular communities are responding to this issue.