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Clinical Practice and Research

Access from UVMMC

When conducting a search for library materials from UVMMC, it is important to use the library's proxy servers. Using the proxy server will ensure that you have access to all UVM Libraries materials. The links to the proxy server can be found on the library's website, which can be accessed at We recommend bookmarking the library's homepage for easy access.

From the Dana homepage you can access the proxy servers either by selecting the PubMed button or any of the databases listed on the Research Databases page.

Screenshot of Dana Library's homepage






Links to the Dana Health Sciences Library's homepage can also be found through EPIC and UVMMC's intranet page, as shown below.


You will be able to tell you are using the proxy server by checking the URL of the database. For example, in PubMed "uvmdmlib" will appear in the URL.

Finding Full Text

When you find an article you want to read or download, click the "Find It @ UVM" button for access options. Note that "Find it @ UVM" may be located and look different depending on the database.

If UVM Libraries subscribes to the article, you will be taken to a page for download and online access options.

Interlibrary Loan Services and Article Galaxy Scholar

If the Libraries do not subscribe to an article you might be directed to use UVM Libraries Interlibrary Loan Service or Article Galaxy Scholar in order to access full text. For both services, after selecting the "Find It @ UVM" button you will then be redirected to the UVM Libraries catalog and prompted to select "Request from interlibrary loan" or "Get this document" (image below). You will then either be taken to interlibrary loan or Article Galaxy Scholar. 

More information about UVM Interlibrary Loan can be found here, and requests can be expected to be filled in less than two business days. 

The other service you might be referred to is Article Galaxy Scholar. For this service, you enter your email (either,, or and the article will quickly arrive in your inbox. It should be noted that the emailed link to the article will only work once, so be mindful to save or print the article once opened. A video tutorial for this service can be found here

Clinical Key

As a UVMHN employee, you also have access to a subset of journals contained within Clinical Key. The UVM Health Network has purchased this subscription. You can visit to see what resources are available to you while on UVMMC/HN intranet or via the Gateway. When in PubMed, you can also use the Clinical Key link for full text, which might be available at the bottom of the article entry under "Full Text Sources" (below):