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English & American Literature

Find it at UVM

When searching for articles using UVM article databases, the HTML or PDF full-text article may not be attached to the citation. If not, look for this icon:

Use this button to help you:

  1. link directly to the article online, or
  2. link to the journal's homepage, or
  3. determine whether the library has that journal and year in print format, or
  4. link to a search of the Library Catalog to see if we own the journal, or
  5. link to an interlibrary loan form

If the article does not appear or if something confuses you, use     to determine if the library owns the journal/magazine (print or online) and the issue and year you need.

What If the Library Doesn't Own What I Need?

Obtain the item through Interlibrary Loan.

Before You Search

When searching for articles using article databases, the full-text article may not be attached to the citation. If not, look for this icon next to the article citation to see if the library owns it and, if so, access it:

When you retrieve articles, you will get the article's citation. This is the information you need to know to find and cite the article. Below is an example of a citation:

Use a truncation or wildcard symbol at the end of a word or root word to retrieve variant word endings, including plurals.
It makes a search more efficient by decreasing the number of searches while retrieving more results. Most databases use * as the truncation symbol.
Examples: feminis* retrieves: feminism, feminist, feminists
                  environment* retrieves: environment, environmental, environmentalist, etc.
                  muslim* retrieves muslim, muslims

Interlibrary Loan

If the library doesn't own a book or article that you need, you may request it from another library via Interlibrary Loan. This service is free for UVM students, faculty, and staff. An article is delivered electronically and usually arrives within a few days. Book requests are generally filled within a week.

If you are making a request for the first time, you will need to register for the service before making a request. 
Find more details and a link to the request forms. There is also a link ("ILL/DD" green button) on the Library homepage.

Use your UVM NetID and password to log in to the UVM network through EZproxy before you begin your research, to access the UVM Libraries' licensed electronic resources, such as article databases, electronic journals, e-books, and more. Once you're logged in look for "" in the URL of the web page (e.g., to ensure that you are connected to the UVM network.
NOTEUVM affiliates only after a database name indicates a licensed library database, restricted to UVM affiliates.

Literary Criticism

Important!  The link to each title below connects directly to Literature Criticism. Upon entering the database, in the "by Product/Series" menu, select the title you wish to search. Reminder: you may also cross-search these titles.

Contemporary Literary Criticism  / Major writers and filmmakers worldwide now living or who died after December 31,1999.

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism  / Major writers worldwide who died between 1900-1999.

Short Story Criticism  / Major short fiction writers worldwide from all eras.

Drama Criticism  / Major dramatists worldwide from all eras.

Poetry Criticism  / Major poets worldwide from all eras. Presents a range of modern and historical views on poets and their works.

Literary Criticism in Books

Literary criticism is also found in books. Circulating Collection (3rd floor. Call Number range: PN-PS)

Find Literary Criticism for a Writer's Works

In CATQuest Advanced Search limit entire search to "Library Catalog." Select "Books" from the list in the Resource Type category. Type the name of the writer in the top box. In the middle box type  criticism interpretation.  Limit search terms to Subject field.

Journals (online and print)