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Find Full Text Articles

This guide will show you how to find the full text version of an article (if available) using Dana Health Sciences Library resources.

How to Find Full Text in Google Scholar

Some journals provide free access to a part or all of their content. That's why you can find some articles online for free when you use Google or Google Scholar.

However, you can program Google Scholar so that it can access the electronic journals provided by Dana Health Sciences Library as well. Please follow these instructions to activate this function on your computer.

Step 1. Connect to Google Scholar (

Step 2. Click on the Menu icon located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen:

Location of menu icon in Google Scholar

Step 3. Click on the Settings icon:

Location of settings icon in Google Scholar

Step 4. Click on Library Links:

Location of library links button in Google Scholar

Step 5. Run a search for University of Vermont:

Library Links search in Google Scholar

Step 6. Select the University of Vermont - Find it@UVM option:

How to save library selection in Google Scholar

Step 7. Click the blue Save button

Test Your Google Scholar Links Two

It's a good idea to run a quick test to make sure that your Find it@UVM links work in Google Scholar. Here's how to do that:

Step 1. Run a search for a topic you are interested in

Step 2. Scroll through the results. If any of the articles are published in journals that Dana Health Sciences Library subscribes to, you will see a Find it@UVM link to the right of the citation.

Google Scholar Search Results

Step 3. Click the Find it@UVM link. A new window or tab will open up and the article should appear:

Results from clicking on Find it @ UVM button in Google Scholar

In some cases, you may have to look around on this page for a button or a link to open the actual PDF copy of the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on each question to read the answer.

QI clicked on the full text button but my article didn't appear.  Instead, it looks like the table of contents from the most recent issue of the journal.  What do I do now?

A. Try looking for a link that says something like "Older Issues" or "Archive" or for a section that lists all the years that the journal was published.  Click on the year your article was published and then navigate to the specific issue that contains your article.  Click on the title of your article to open it up.


QI l clicked on the full text button, but my article didn't appear.  I got a page that has a green banner with the words University of Vermont Libraries on it.  What do I do now?


QI programmed Google Scholar to use Find it @ UVM links on my computer, but now I'm using a different one. Do I have to program it again?