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NR 3010: Research Methods - Fisher & Kutner (Fall 2023)

Workflow for submitting your ENVS thesis to ScholarWorks

Workflow for submitting ENVS theses to UVM ScholarWorks:

  1.  Go to:
  2. Under Author Corner (on left side of screen), click on: Submit research
  3. Under Dissertations and Theses, click on: Environmental Studies Electronic Thesis collection.
  4. Ignore the login and Create new account options.  Instead, click on Login to your UVM account.  Use your UVM netid and password to log in.
  5. Read the Submission Instructions.  Read very carefully and accept the submission agreement once you are sure you understand it.  If you have any questions about copyright issues, or about Submission Agreement details, discuss with your primary advisor and/or contact Laurie Kutner  at Howe Library (  Click on the box at the bottom of the page to agree to the submission terms.
  6. Enter the information about your thesis in the required fields (this is called the metadata).
    • For title, include the full title of your work that appears on the cover page of your thesis.
    • For author, type your name as you would like to see it appear in the database.
    • For date of award, use only the Year. 
    • Enter the names of at least your first advisor; all advisors are preferable.
    • For embargo period, use “no embargo required” in order to make your thesis publicly available immediately.  If you want to restrict access to your thesis for any reason (for either one or two years before it is made public), contact Laurie to discuss reasons with her.  
    • Enter up to 6 keywords that you define to describe your thesis content.  If your thesis is about a particular place (i.e. University of Vermont; Burlington, Vermont) include the place name as one of your keywords. 
    • Copy and paste thesis abstract into the Abstract field. 
    • If there is a reason why the full content of your thesis will not be available online, paste one of the two suggested sentences into the Comments box.
    • Upload the thesis file.
    • If you have additional files that you would like to add, check the box indicating so, and add the file(s). 
    • Click: Submit. 
    • When you are done with the submission, click back on “My account” .  Then click on “Logout” to log out of your account.
    • An e-mail will be automatically generated to you confirming that your thesis was submitted.
    • Once it has been approved and is available online, you will get another e-mail. When you can view it online, copy/ paste the link to your thesis in an e-mail to your advisors, letting them know that it is online.  ** It is essential that you send this to your primary advisor for completion of the thesis requirements. **
  7. And, of course – share the link widely with anyone who has an interest in your thesis.  CONGRATULATIONS!