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OverDrive and Libby

Why did we get Overdrive?

We added Overdrive in order to give UVM users a source of audiobooks and popular reading online. Most of the books available through Overdrive are not available anywhere else.

Where can I find help?

OverDrive has a robust help site with FAQs and video tutorials here.

What's in OverDrive?

Books!  and, audiobooks.

Overdrive will have a small collection of audiobooks, classic novels, popular novels, nonfiction, scholarly books, and trade literature. You can find out what is in our Overdrive account by visiting it or by searching in Catquest - Overdrive books will appear in your search results as do other books.

What is Libby?

Libby is the OverDrive app, which provides the best reading experience for its books. It offers a number of different accessibility tools and a way to access all of your library affiliations in one location. Find more information from OverDrive here

How can I ask for a new book for OverDrive?

You can ask using two different methods:

  • Fill out a standard book request on the Library's homepage, and ask for OverDrive in the comments field.


  • Find Recommendations under Your Account
  • Click on it, and follow its directions

Can I get Audiobooks on Overdrive?


We will order audiobooks if requested and available, including audiobook editions of books that we also have in print or other online format.

Can I get a print copy of an Overdrive book?

Yes. We will get a print copy of any book in our Overdrive collection if we do not already have it and it is requested. 

The Libraries do not typically duplicate books across format, but we will do so for books available through Overdrive. 

Can I renew books or audiobooks?

Typically yes, but if other people have placed a hold and are on the waiting list, you may not be able to.

How do I place a hold on a book?

If a book is already on loan and thus unavailable, you will see a Hold button instead of a Borrow button. Click on it. You will get a notice when it is available for you.

How long can I hold onto my borrowed books or audiobooks?

Your account will have a 14 day checkout as a default, but you can change this to be either 7 days or 21 days.  

How do I open the e-book menu once I'm reading in Libby?

Tap in the middle of the screen.

Can I read OverDrive books on my Kindle?

Typically yes, you can.

  • The OverDrive site version will give you an option to select Kindle as a download platform if this is available. 


  • Libby will give you an option to open found books in either Libby itself or Kindle.

Can I use the dyslexic font in Libby?

Yes, you can set OverDrive or Libby to display dyslexic font.   

  • On the OverDrive site, do this by visiting the Settings menu and scrolling down to select Dyslexic Font


  • In Libby, first open a book to read, then:
    • Tap in the middle of the screen to open the menu and settings
    • Click on Reading Settings
    • Drag the menu options up to select OpenDyslexic

What if I have an OverDrive account from another Library?

Many libraries have different collections of books and audiobooks on OverDrive. If you have a library account with a public or other library that has OverDrive, you might want to use that one as well as your UVM account on the same Libby app. You can do this.

You can stack up library accounts and search them all at once using Libby. Click on the Libby icon in the top right corner to find the Add a Library option to add all of your library cards.