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BCOR 2300: Genetics - Pespeni (Spring 2024)

Choosing a Topic

Sample Topic, Research Question, and Keywords

Here is a example of how to approach keyword development for your topic and research question.

Sample research topic: GMOs and human health
Sample research question: What impact do GMOs have on human health?

Concept 1: GMOs

  • ‚Äčbroad: genetically modified organisms, genetically engineering organisms, genetically modified foods, transgenic plants, pharma crops
  • specific: golden rice, Bt corn, Flavr Savr tomato 

Concept 2: human health

  • broad: human development, nutrition, disease
  • specific: cancer, food allergy, toxicity, antibiotic resistance

Concept 3: impact

  • broad: benefits, advantage, disadvantage, detriment


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