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Open Access Publishing Support

Information about resources, agreements, and supports for Open Access (OA) publishing provided by UVM Libraries

Wiley Journals OA Publishing Support FAQ

What support does UVM offer?

UVM Libraries is participating in a transformative agreement with the publisher Wiley that fully covers the Author Processing Charge (APC) for accepted articles in their Open Access journal catalog, including Hybrid and Gold OA journals for both Wiley and Hindawi (soon to be absorbed by Wiley, and only known under that name).

Our agreement covers up to 70 Article Processing Charges per year, then resets the next year.

NOTE: This agreement covers Article Processing Charges, but not any other associated fees that may be applicable for a specific journal. See below for more information.

Where is Wiley's Author Help & Information?

What is a Transformative or Read & Publish Agreement?

"At its most fundamental, a contract is a transformative agreement if it seeks to shift the contracted payment from a library or group of libraries to a publisher away from subscription-based reading and towards open access publishing." - Transformative Agreements: A Primer, The Scholarly Kitchen

With a transformative agreement (also called Read & Publish agreement) in place, the author processing fees for affiliated authors are bundled into one annual institutional contract rather than being paid on an individual basis for each publication. There are as many variations of such agreements as there are publishers.  

UVM Libraries have a contract with the publisher Wiley that gives us perpetual access to all of their journals and coverage of up to 70 full APCs annually for affiliated authors publishing in their hybrid and gold Open Access journals, which are currently the majority of their titles. This includes the fully Open Access Hindawi titles. 

Which titles are included in this agreement?

This agreement covers Wiley and Hindawi Open Access journals, which make up the vast majority of their catalog. UVM authors will not need to pay this fee if eligible to use one of our credits.

Find a Wiley or Hindawi journal here: Wiley Journal Finder for Authors

Which titles are NOT included in this agreement?

Wiley has a number of journals that they publish on behalf of a Society. Some of these may not be subject to this agreement, though many have APC discounts or coverage for their Society members. Visit each journal's individual page for more information. 

Which articles are NOT included?

Our agreement does not include all article types. Individual journals may use different terms for some of these types of articles, so it is wise to check to be sure if your article type is not listed here. If your article type is not eligible for Open Access support, you will not be presented with the option to select it when you receive your article acceptance.

Primary Research & Review Articles Editorials & Opinion Pieces
Case Studies Media & Book Reviews
Review Articles Meeting Reports
Short Communications Profiles
Data Articles Career & Practice Management 
Methods & Protocol Articles Obituaries
Education Pieces Announcements
Practice & Policy Pieces  

*The above list is only of the most common article types. Please contact the Libraries if you need further assistance or clarification.

Does this mean my article will be accepted?

No. The process of submitting an article for publication is identical until after it has been reviewed and accepted.

Does this mean that the Library impacts my article's acceptance?

No.  Neither this agreement nor the Libraries have any impact on article acceptance.

Who is an affiliate?

  • University of Vermont
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Students
  • University of Vermont Medical Center Employees

Is UVMMC included?


Can someone who is not an affiliate get covered by UVM?

No. Affiliation will be checked before an APC credit is approved. 

The corresponding author on a covered article must be a UVM affiliate; however, other authors of the same article may have different affiliations. The corresponding author is the person who submits the article and handles necessary interactions with Wiley. 

If you are AN author but not currently the corresponding author, please contact the Libraries for assistance. 

Do I have to be first author?

No. You do not have to be first author. 

You DO have to be the Corresponding Author - the person manages communication with Wiley via their author website. It is possible to change the Corresponding Author after initial submission in order to become eligible for the Open Access APC credit, but it must be to one of the other listed authors. Other types of contribution or connection are not sufficient. 

How many APCs are covered each year?

70 articles.

This number will reset in April.

Is there any dollar limit on APC amount?

No. All APCs are covered in full, whether $500 or $10,000.

Does this cover other fees?


A subset of Society Press journals handled but not administered by Wiley charges other types of fees - page fees, etc. - that are NOT covered by this agreement. This agreement covers APCs only. The APC is waived, but not the other types of fees if this is relevant to a journal.

In some cases, the Society press will waive other fees if you publish your article Open Access. Consult the journal's author instructions to find out if this is true for your target journal.

What if there aren't any APCs left this year?

The number of APCs included in our agreement is based on our past publishing activity and is unlikely to be exceeded. If it is on a consistent basis, we will attempt to increase it.

If an author has an accepted article and there are no more APC credits remaining for the year, Wiley will not present the option to have it covered. All other steps of the publishing process will be the same. 

What do I have to do?

You must submit your article using your UVM or UVM Medical Center email address.

Fully Open Access Journals

During submission, enter your affiliation data. After your article is accepted, select the payment option that says "The Corresponding Author's institution/funder has an agreement with Wiley" and follow the instructions that appear in order to submit the request to UVM to review. If you and your article are eligible, and we have sufficient APCs available, you will be approved to have your APC covered.

Hybrid Open Access Journals

During submission, enter your affiliation data. After your article is accepted, it should offer you the choice to make your article Open Access with the submission paid for by UVM upon review. If you want to, check the box. If you and your article are eligible, and we have sufficient APCs available, you will be approved to have your APC covered.


What if I don't want my article to be OA?

If you do not want your article to be published OA, you do not have to. When it asks you if you want your article OA, check the box to decline.

Do I retain my copyright?

Yes. You retain your copyright but permit licensing under one of several supported Creative Commons License types.

What happens to my copyright under a Creative Commons License?

Authors retain their copyright, but allow others to access or use their work without consultation or fees under one of several standard Creative Commons licenses. Works licensed under a Creative Commons License must still be cited when used. 

"A creative commons license is a license issued by the copyright owner to allow anyone in the world to use his or her copyright work in any manner consistent with that license. Creative Commons licenses are essentially standard form license agreements which can be attached to a work to enable its use under certain circumstances without the need to contact the author or negotiate terms of use."

Copyright Alliance, 2022

What if I want to self-archive my article?

Wiley permits authors to self-archive the submitted (preprint) version of the article at any time. You may self-archive the accepted (peer-reviewed) version after an embargo period. Find out more about self-archiving with Wiley here.

What about other publishers?

UVM is beginning to add more agreements like this one. Find out more about them on the Library's Open Access Publishing Support Guide.