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Information about resources, agreements, and supports for Open Access (OA) publishing provided by UVM Libraries

Annual Reviews S2O FAQ

What support does UVM offer?

UVM subscribes to or has access to 51 Annual Reviews titles.

As of early 2023, 15 AR journals are currently S2O with no author fees. The list of titles that has achieved Open Access is updated on the Annual Reviews website on a quarterly basis.

Annual Reviews decided to make ALL of their 2023 volumes OA due to the success of the earliest volumes; this may revert to the smaller number in 2024, or may not.

UVM gets early access to articles because of its participation, and is able to contribute to making this content OA for all.

UVM or UVMMC affliated authors do not pay APCs for any articles published by the Annual Reviews.

What is Subscribe 2 Open (S2O)?

Subscribe 2 Open publishers rely on subscribers to continue to pay to subscribe to a set threshold; upon reaching this threshold, they make some or all of their titles available to all authors and readers using a platinum OA model. Neither readers nor authors will pay a fee to publish or read. 

See the Subscribe 2 Open page to learn more about this model. 

Does this mean my article will be invited?

No. All Annual Review articles are published by invitation only. The Annual Reviews' process for selecting and identifying authors to submit articles for publication is the same for S2O supporters and non-supporters.

What do I need to publish my article OA?

If it is a Subscribe to Open title:

  • Nothing. All articles published by Annual Reviews in an S2O OA volume will be published OA. 

If it is a hybrid title:

  • Use your UVM or UVMMC email address when submitting your article. 

Do I need to be a UVM or UVMMC affiliate?

No.  All authors pay $0 in APC charges for titles that are included in an S2O agreement. The participating institutions are jointly covering the costs.

If the title is not yet covered under an S2O agreement, authors not affiliated with UVM or UVMMC will have to pay the standard APC.

Which titles are currently S2O?

Annual Reviews decided to make ALL of its published volumes OA for 2023 based on the success of its S2O program. 

A formal list of volumes published S2O is here.