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Finding Full Text Articles

Do I Have to Pay?

There may be a time when you are asked to pay for full text access by a publisher. Please don't. The library can usually get the article for you for free. Please Ask a Librarian for help if you run into this problem.

Need Help?

Finding full text can be a little confusing. If you need help or if you have questions, please Ask a Librarian for assistance. Someone will respond to you ASAP.

Follow These Steps to Find Full Text the Library's Other Databases

NOTE: This guide uses Ovid MEDLINE to demonstrate how the Find it @ UVM button works.  The location of this button in other databases will vary, but it is usually somewhere on the right hand side of the screen.


Step 1.  Run your search and select a citation for an article that you would like to read.

If there is no full text version of the article available, there should be a button labeled Find it @ UVM located somewhere in the citation.  In this example, it is located on the right hand side of the screen.

Find it @ UVM button

Step 2.  Click the Find it @ UVM button.  A new tab or windown will open up.  If Dana Medical Library subscribes to the journal, the article citation on the journal publisher's web site will appear here.  You will then need to locate and click on the PDF link in order to read the article.

Full Text

If Dana Medical Library does not have full text access to the journal, a different widow will appear that looks like this:

No Full Text

This window provides several different pieces of information:

  • Full Text - if the system thinks that a full text version of the article is available in another online resource, there will be a link here.  Click that link and try to navigate to the article if possible.
  • Print Issues - we may have the article in print.  Click the UVM Libraries Catalog link and check to see if we have the year your article was published.  If we do, you can submit a Document Delivery request for the article and it will be sent to you. 
  • ILL (Interlibrary Loan) - if we do not have access to the article in print or online, you can click the Interlibrary Loan Request link and submit a request for the article. 

If you can't get to the full text or you don't see the screen above, please Ask the Library for help. 


Can't see the rest of these instructions? Click inside the box and scroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on each question to read the answer.

QI've looked but I can't find a Find it @ UVM button. Where is it?

A. In some databases, the Find it @ UVM button shows up in each citation on the results screen. In others, you have to actually click on the title of the article you are interested in reading to see the button. There are also some databases, such as Visual DX and UptoDate, that do not have Find it @ UVM buttons at all. If you think the button should be there and it isn't, please Ask the Library for help.


QI clicked on the Find it @ UVM button but my article didn't appear. Instead, it looks like the table of contents from the most recent issue of the journal. What do I do now?


QI've checked and it looks like my article isn't available in full text. What do I do now?