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Vermont and the War of 1812

This guide idenitifies resources about Vermont and the War of 1812.


The optimism and prosperity that characterized Vermont at the beginning of the nineteenth century were challenged by an escalating Anglo-American conflict. Vermonters, especially those in the Champlain Valley and along the northern border who depended on trade with Canada, had to deal with the restrictions of Jefferson's Embargo Acts of 1807 and 1808 and the subsequent Nondisclosure Acts. When American economic sanctions failed and the U.S. declared war on Britain in 1812, Lake Champlain became a major theater of military operations.

This guide lists sources on four topics: commerce, embargo and smuggling; politics and propaganda; military and naval activities in the Champlain Valley, including the Battle of Plattsburgh; and the army camp in Burlington. 

The guide includes both primary and secondary sources. The primary sources are drawn mainly from the Silver Special Collections Library.


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Prudence Doherty
Silver Special Collections, Billings Library
Subjects: Vermont Studies