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Statistical Software Support and Consulting: Workshops



I offer workshops on a variety of statistical topics. Come to my next Random Chat about Data at one of the UVM libraries. 

Upcoming Workshops - Howe Library

Howe Library Meeting Room 001B (Projection classroom, downstairs)
Third Tuesday of the month

9am - 10am

Where is the projection classroom?

February 21, 2023 - Howe library

Finding a good model - How to select an appropriate model for the data, check assumptions and evaluate goodness of fit.

March 21, 2023 - Howe library 

Statistical Output - p-values, test statistics, confidence intervals, parameter estimates,...

April 18, 2023 - Howe library 

Data Visualization - how to create effective graphs and tables

Upcoming Workshops - Dana Library

Dana Library Classroom (108)
Second Thursday of the month
11am -12pm

Where is the classroom?

February 9, 2023 - Dana library         

Data Collection - sampling techniques, small sample size methodologies, bias

March 9, 2023 - Dana library         

Data Organization - data cleaning, formatting, management, missing values

April 13, 2023 - Dana library 

Software for statistical analysis - Alternatives to Excel, how to get started with Graphpad, R, SAS, Stata or SPSS

Workshop Topics

Which software should I use for my research project?

During this workshop we will chat about the different software programs available to do data analysis and discuss advantages and disadvantages.

Data Organization

During this workshop we will chat about best practices to organize, format, clean, manage and store data.

Data Visualization - Graphs and Tables

During this workshop we will chat about how to determine the best way to visualize and report data summaries.

Interpreting Statistical Output

During this workshop we will chat about how to interpret the output from a statistical analysis such as p-values and confidence intervals and parameter estimates.

Data collection

During this workshop we will chat about data collection best practices including sampling, sources of bias and sample size.

What is a good model for the data?

During this workshop we will chat about model selection, model assumptions and goodness-of-fit analysis. 


Custom Workshops

If you would like me to come to your lab or department for a custom workshop, please contact me to discuss your needs.

Help me find the best times for workshops!

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