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Statistical Software Support and Consulting: Workshops


I offer workshops on a variety of data related topics. Check out the calendar below and sign up for one of my next Random Chats about Data.

Workshops are in person to facilitate conversations and discussions. I will touch on the big concepts and then we will look at the nuances on how to apply these bigger ideas to your data for your personal research goals. This will help you get comfortable with data analysis as well as help you understand and interpret data presented in the literature. Please come prepared to talk about your own specific data questions.

Can't make it on campus? - Sign up for a one-on-one online session with me to discuss your statistics and data analysis questions.

Statistical consulting will be closed

June 24, 2024 - July 1, 2024,

July 22, 2024 - July 25, 2024.

Workshop Calendar


Workshop Topics

Data Projection and Ordination

During this workshop we will learn when and how to use data projection and ordination methods such as PCA and NMDA.

Stickfigure contemplating how to do data ordination

Linear Models

During this workshop we will explore linear regression, t-tests, ANOVA and other linear models.

Stickfigure contemplating how to linear regression

Non-parametric data analysis methods

During this workshop we will discuss methods for data that do not follow a known distribution.

Which software should I use for my research project?

During this workshop we will chat about the different software programs available to do data analysis and discuss advantages and disadvantages.

Data Organization

During this workshop we will chat about best practices to organize, format, clean, manage and store data.

Data Visualization - Graphs and Tables

During this workshop we will chat about how to determine the best way to visualize and report data summaries.

Interpreting Statistical Output

During this workshop we will chat about how to interpret the output from a statistical analysis such as p-values and confidence intervals and parameter estimates.

Data collection

During this workshop we will chat about data collection best practices including sampling, sources of bias and sample size.

What is a good model for the data?

During this workshop we will chat about model selection, model assumptions and goodness-of-fit analysis. 


Custom Workshops

If you would like me to come to your lab or department for a custom workshop, please contact me to discuss your needs.