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BME 187 / EE 187 / ME 185: Capstone Design - Rand (Fall 2022/Spring 2023)

A guide to the different kinds of research required for the Prior Art Review.

Prior Art Review for SEED

Part of the engineering design process is to understand the “state of the art” technology when solving your particular problem. Existing technology or products, standards, patents, literature, etc. should be the basis of understanding what is currently possible; what is legally protected; and how problems are currently solved. The “state of the art” is not given in one location, but spread across all different types of publications and mediums. As a team, you need to investigate different sources to determine what is out there today and what you can use to help make your project successful. (DR)


Required: library tutorials

Completion of the following tutorials is required for all team members.

Each tutorial links to a quiz. Each quiz requires a passing score of 80% (4/5). You may take each tutorial and each quiz as many times as you like.

Note: the recommended browser for these tutorials is Chrome.

Problems or questions? Contact Graham via MS Teams chat or

Required: coaching sessions

Each team needs to sign up for a Prior Art Review coaching session with Graham in MS Teams. This is a session to get assistance and feedback specific to your team's project and prior art research. Sessions are in the week of October 24-28 and are usually 10-20 minutes.

Attendance and participation in the coaching session are required for all team members.

If none of the times work for all team members, contact Graham (MS Teams chat or to work out an alternative.

Required: search log