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Vermont and the Rebellion in Lower Canada 1837-1838

Resources about Vermont and the Patriote Rebellion.


Bernard, Jean-Paul. Vermonters and the Lower Canadian Rebellions of 1837-1838.
Vermont History 58 (1990): 250-263.

Call number: Special Collections F46.V55

Duffy, John and H. Nicholas Muller. The Great Wolf Hunt: The Popular Response in Vermont to the "Patriote" Uprising of 1837.
Journal of American Studies 8 (1974): 153-169.

Online access available to UVM and walk-ins.

Kenny, Stephen. The Canadian Rebellions and the Limits of Historical Perspective.
Vermont History 58 (1990): 179-198.

Call number: Special Collections F46.V55

Kenny, Stephen. Strangers' Sojourn: Canadian Journalists in Exile, 1831-1841.
American Review of Canadian Studies 17 (1987).
BH Howe Periodicals (2nd Floor)

Link, Eugene P. Vermont Physicians and the Canadian Rebellion of 1837.
Vermont History 37 (1969): 177-183.

Call number: Special Collections F46.V55

Muller, H. Nicholas III. Trouble on the Border, 1838.
Vermont History 44 (1976): 97-102.
Call number: Special Collections F46.V55

Stevens, Kenneth R. James Grogan and the Crisis in Canadian-American Relations, 1837-1842.
Vermont History 50 (1982): 219-226.
Call number: Special Collections F46.V55



Labonte, Francois. Alias Anthony St. John: Les Patriotes Canadiens aux États-Unis, Décembre 1837-Mai 1838.
Call Number: BH Howe Books (2nd Floor) (F1032 .L33 2004 )

Little, John I. Loyalties in Conflict: A Canadian Borderland in War and Rebellion, 1812-1840.
Call number: BH Howe Books (2nd Floor) F1054.E13 L56 2008