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Russian Language & Literature

Essential reference books, databases, and Web resources for research in Russian language and literature.



OK, so I learned how to type "greetings" in Russian, but--truth be told--I have only basic knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet and a few Russian words. Nevertheless, I will try to assist you in any library research that involves Russian language, literature, history, and society.

One task that has to be addressed is getting your computer to type and read the Cyrillic alphabet. [Look for future instructions on how to do this soon!]

New Book!

Online Journal: Russian Life

Russian Life (formerly titles Soviet Life) is a bi-monthly magazine on Russian culture, travel, and news. Written in Moscow and published in Montpelier, Vt. Reviews cite its claim to be free of government bias but sympathetic to most aspects of life in Russia today.

Russian Life Web site



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