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Setting Up EndNote

What is EndNote?                EndNote 20 Logo

EndNote will help you:

  • Store, organize, and search references and PDFs.
  • Tag records and annotate PDFs.
  • Insert properly formatted references into Word documents and automatically create bibliographies.
  • Share references with colleagues.

Where to get EndNote

UVM has a campus site license to EndNote. All UVM affiliates with a NetID may download EndNote for free from the UVM Software Portal.

  • If you have not yet installed AppsAnywhere, you will be asked to do so the first time you access the UVM Software Portal. Help with AppsAnywhere is available.
  • The most current version of EndNote is 21.
  • If you are collaborating or sharing EndNote files with a colleague you should all use the same version of EndNote.
  • The latest version of EndNote includes a limited number of output styles, connection files and filters. You may need to download additional files from the EndNote website to create bibliographies in additional journal styles or work with additional databases.
    • Output styles (so your bibliographies can be formatted in the journal style you choose)
    • Connection files (so you can directly connect to and search databases from EndNote)
    • Import Filters (so you can directly export or import citations from literature databases into EndNote)
  • How to install an Upgrade version - advice from EndNote
  • Mac users may receive an error message that the download file can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. If this happens to you
    1. Open System Preferences
    2. Go to Security and Privacy
    3. Click the option to Open Anyway near the bottom of the window
    4. The installer will now run

Setting up EndNote to Find Full Text 

EndNote can automatically download PDFs for references in a library. In order to facilitate this process enter UVM's Open URL path in Edit > Preferences > Find Full Text - Open URL Path:

EndNote tries to accommodate off-campus users by enabling EZproxy for access to subscription-based journals. But EZproxy does not work as well as UVM's VPN software. If you are off-site, logging on to VPN will allow you to retrieve articles from journals that UVM subscribes to. 


Setting up EndNote to Use Journal Title Abbreviations

If you publish in science-related fields, set up your journal term list when you set up EndNote.

Journal article citations may use full journal titles or abbreviated journal titles. This is true of citations downloaded into EndNote, as well as citations in bibliographies created with EndNote. In order to translate between full journal titles and journal title abbreviations, EndNote uses Journal Term Lists.

See written instructions and a video for setting up journal term lists in the EndNote Knowledgebase.