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Engineering Management

A guide to high-quality information resources on issues in engineering management.

Article databases


TIP: Find the full text

Sometimes a database may only provide a citation (the publication details). In that situation, look for a Find It@UVM button. This will search the library's collections for a full-text version.

Find It @ UVM


Don't see a Find It@UVM button? Submit an interlibrary loan (ILL) request.

Recommended publications

TIP: get content alerts

Publishers' websites usually offer content alerts. Use these to have information about new articles delivered to you by email or RSS.

Business information

Use the UVM Libraries' Business Research Assistant to find industry and company reports, consumer data and marketing information, help for starting and running a business, and more.

Books & ebooks

Use CATQuest to search many of the UVM Libraries' collections simultaneously, including books and ebooks.




Use the main UVM Libraries Engineering guide for information on finding patents, industry standards, technical reports, dissertations and theses, and more.