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Colchester Bog Natural Area

This guide identifies resources about UVM's Colchester Bog Natural Area.

Colchester Bog Natural Area

This guide lists resources about the Colchester Bog Natural Area, one of the University of Vermont's ten natural areas managed by the UVM Environmental Program.

The 180-acre Colchester Bog Natural Area is located on a peninsula between two rapidly developing shoreline areas of Lake Champlain, just a few miles north of the city of Burlington. It includes an open peatland, shrub and tree dominated swamps, open water areas called laggs, a sand dune, and several adjacent uplands. The bog itself consists of a forest dominated by a dense thicket of shrubs and trees and an open mat of sphagnum moss and sedges. This 175-acre peatland serves as a haven for a great diversity of flora and faunal species which makes it a prime location for research and the simple enjoyment of nature.


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Prudence Doherty
Silver Special Collections, Billings Library
Subjects: Vermont Studies