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Children's Book Review Index

The Children's Book Review Index does not provide reviews of children's books.  Instead, it provides pointers to reviews published in other publications.  You could use it find reviews in publications like the New York Times Book Review or School Library Journal.  Its aim is to be comprehensive, and because it is so comprehensive, it requires a few extra steps to get to the actual reviews.

What did reviewers think of Ezra Jack Keats' Goggles when it was first published in 1969?  How does this differ from the reception of Morris Mickelwhite and the Tangerine Dress in 2014?  By looking at book reviews at the time of publication, you can go back in time and see the critical response that books received when they were first released.  You can also see how the responses to a book change over time and how those responses reflect changing cultural values.

REF Z 1037. A1 C475  On the first floor of the Howe Library in the Reference Collection.  Enter the main doors and walk past the Reference Desk.  The Reference Collection is directly behind the desk.  Volumes cannot be checked out, they must be used in the library; however, you can scan pages you need on our free scanner (near the cyber cafe) and send those scanned versions to yourself.

#1:  Begin by finding the author's name and then, listed underneath, the name of the work.









#2:  The listing of book reviews can be translated by viewing the key in the front of the volume (image below).  The key points to the publication in which the review was published and the rest of the citation provides the volume, month, year, and pages.





#3:  Now it's time to find the actual review.  You can then search our "Journal Titles" button on the Howe Library homepage to see if we own the publication.  If we own it, check to make sure we have the years you need.  If we don't own the title or the year you need, you can make a request through Interlibrary Loan and we can get a copy for you from another library.

This is a lot to navigate.  If you'd like some help searching for reviews, simply make an appointment with your Librarian, Dan DeSanto.  Contact information is to the right, or use the appointment scheduler below.

Children's Literature Reviews

Children's Literature Review

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