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Citation Management Software at UVM

University of Vermont Libraries supports three citation management programs: EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero.  They can save and organize your citations and facilitate the creation of bibliographies within Open Office and Microsoft Word. Each program offers slightly different features.  In brief, some of the main differences are:

EndNoteOffers the greatest number of prepackaged citation styles for journals in all disciplines, can format your whole document, and manage figures and illustrations as well as citations. EndNote uses OpenURL to download pdfs of journal articles.  UVM licenses EndNote for UVM students and employees.

Allows screen capture of web page content, offers easier options for sharing your reference library with others. Allows researchers to create personal online profiles, including publications, degrees held and current projects.

Allows screen capture of web page content, offers easier options for sharing reference libraries.

A more detailed comparison of these programs is available.

In addition to assessing the features of each program, you will want to weigh the advantages of selecting the program that your collaborators, or future collaborators in your discipline, are using.