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Public Health

Article Databases

Public Health covers a particularly broad range of fields. Consider whether the articles you're looking for would have been published in medical and health sciences journals (PubMed), psychology and counseling journals (PsycInfo), education journals (ERIC), or one of the other fields below.

Exploratory Searching in PubMed

One model of searching for information divides searches into Lookup Searches, Exploratory Searches, and Systematic Searches. Researchers perform exploratory searches when they are learning about a new topic, becoming familiar with the type of research being done in that area, and learning the relevant vocabulary. These two tutorials describe the use of PubMed to perform exploratory searches. 

Though the first video is called Basic PubMed, it primarily reviews features that make searching and viewing articles more efficient:

  • sorting
  • display options
  • filters
  • saving and emailing results
  • links to PDFs or to the interlibrary loan request form

The second video, called PubMed Searching with MeSH, presents the underlying attributes of PubMed that can either help or sometimes hinder searching:

  • Automatic Term Mapping
  • Medical Subject Headings
  • Search Builder
  • use of search logic
  • review search history

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Discover Articles that Cite a Known Article

You probably already use article bibliographies to find older articles on the same topic. You can use citation searching to find more recent articles that cite a relevant older article that you already have.

These two databases can be searched like any other database, but also have a citation searching feature.