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Country Research Guide

Start here if you need to get background information or statistical information for specific countries.

Recommended Web Sites

Country Studies (Library of Congress/ U.S. Army)
Each volume in this series is devoted to one particular country and includes geographical, historical, political, economic, and cultural information about that country.

Doing Business (IFC/ World Bank)
Includes measures for country-level business regulations; can download detailed country economy profiles.

Human Development Reports (United Nations)
Produced by the United Nations Development Programme, HDR includes focused country information and statistics.

World Bank DataBank
Provides access to World Bank databases including but not limited to: World Development Indicators; Education Statistics; Gender Statistics; Health, Nutrition, and Population Statistics; and Poverty and Inequality Statistics.

The World Factbook (CIA) Country profiles include descriptive and/or statistical information on geography, people, government, economy, communication, transportation, military,and transnational issues.

Need help?

If you are doing research that involves gathering country background or statistical information, researching specific  areas of the world, or needing comparative country data, and need additional research assistance, you can:

1)  Use the following link to set up a time for a research consultation with a librarian:

2) If you'd like to meet with me, and you don't see an available time on the above form that works for you, e-mail me directly: