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Searching for Books


Options for Book Searching:

  • CatQuest: A search in CatQuest retrieves items owned by UVM (books, articles, newspapers, reviews, and more) in one large search.  Use the drop down and limit to "Library Catalog" to search only for books.
  • Worldcat:  Worldcat provides a way to search broadly (beyond what's owned at UVM) to see what's been published on a given topic or which libraries in the world own a certain title.  If you find a title we do not own, you can use the UVM Libraries interlibrary loan service to acquire the title.
  • If you are looking for historical material, Google Books and Hathi Trust are a great resources.  


Basic CatQuest Search



Worldcat collects the catalogs of other libraries.  It is a great way to see what books have been written on a topic.  You can also see which libraries own a certain book and then place an interlibrary loan request for titles that look helpful.

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