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EDCI 5990: Queer Studies in Education - Pennell (Summer 2024)

EDCI 5990: Queer Studies in Education

Welcome!  This guide is designed to help you find information and resources for your LGBTQIA+ History and Education Project and your LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Materials Project.  The tabs to the left will lead you to collections where you can then search for your own topic. 

TIP:  Be aware when doing historical research that the phrases and terminology we use to describe things now may be different than the ones used at the time an event occurred.  For instance, searching the Historical New York Times for "Stonewall" will yield better results than "Stonewall riots" because the media added the term "riots" well after the event occurred in 1969.  Likewise, outdated terms ("homosexuals,"  "negro,"  etc.) may be useful for searching historical collections because those terms were used at the time of publication.  Before you search, try brainstorming all of the terms that might have been used at the time you are exploring.

If you'd like help with your searches, please contact your liaison librarian, Dan DeSanto.  Contact information is to the right.  

Good luck with your projects!