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Migrant Farmworker Health in Vermont

Milk With Dignity Program 

by Migrant Justice

2019: Farmworkers in the Milk with Dignity Program share how the program is transforming the dairy industry and bringing about a new day for human rights.

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Silenced Voices

by Sam Mayfield, Brendan O'Neill, and Gustavo Ter'an for the VT Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project (YouTube)

2010: Migrant Farmworker JosĘše Obeth Santiz Cruz was killed in a farming accident in December 2009 in Vermont. The VT Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project sent a delegation to Mexico to return his remains and document his family and community coming to terms with his death and sharing stories about the causes, effects, and their experiences of migration.

Under the Cloak of Darkness

by Bjorn Jackson

2008: ""Under The Cloak of Darkness" is feature length documentary about Vermont's migrant Mexican farm worker population. A population that works long hours every day to keep Vermont's struggling dairy farms going. Because many of these workers are undocumented, they live in almost complete isolation in a state that is 99% Caucasian. This film aims to humanize this invisible community and bring to light the issues surrounding migrant labor."