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Anatomy Resources

Model skeleton


A model skeleton accurately scaled in terms of height and proportions, with approximately 200 numbered bones, a flexible vertebral column, and a removable three-part skull. It is on a rolling stand, and can be easily moved to small group study areas or other study spaces.


Organ models


Approximately two times natural size. Sectioned so that both ventricles and atria open to expose the    valves. Large blood vessels near the heart and musculature of the heart are shown. Separates into 4 parts.






Brain with arteries

Model of brain with representation of arterial network of vessels. Natural size. Separates into 9 parts: frontal and parietal lobes (2), temporal and occipital lobes (2), medulla (2), cerebellum (2), and basilar artery.






Pelvis model 1

Female genital and pelvic organs with bladder and rectum fully exposed and removable. Natural size. Separates into 2 parts.








Pelvis model 2

Male pelvic and genital organs with rectum, bladder with prostate and testicular duct and external genital organs, fully exposed, and removable. Natural size. Separates into 4 parts.



Anatomical model borrowing policy

  • Models circulate for 2 hours
  • Models may not leave the library
  • One model per study group per checkout – multiple models may not be checked out to different members of the same study group
  • Models are not to be marked on
  • Renewals are allowed as long as another library user is not waiting to use the model
  • Users should return the models before the library main desk closes and take care to return the models intact with no missing parts. Users should allow themselves ample time to reassemble models before returning them to library staff
  • The library user who checked out the model is responsible for making sure all parts are returned and may be liable for the cost of the model or for lost or damaged parts (Model replacement is approximately $1,000)