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BME 187 / EE 187 / ME 185: Capstone Design - Rand (Fall 2021/Spring 2022)

Getting started with standards

All SEED teams should investigate the possibility that there are standards that apply to their project. But some teams will conclude there are none. In either case, document your searching.

The recommended strategy for identifying standards is:

(a) Consult with the client

(b) Optional: consult with your faculty mentor

(c) Review the standards agencies listed on this page. If there is a standards agency that specializes in your project's technology, go to its website and browse its standards.

(d) Biomedical projects: search the FDA CDRH Consensus Standards (see link below)

(e) Optional: search Compendex & Inspec, using "standard" as a keyword or Controlled Term

Search: individual organizations

Identify relevant standards agencies for your projects and check the standards information on their websites. For example:

Search: multiple organizations

Biomedical projects

Request: i2i