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Debate Team : Schuman Challenge (Morgan-Parmett ) - Fall 2020

Schuman Challenge

Schuman Challenge

The Schuman Challenge is an annual foreign affairs competition that is held by the Delegation of the European to the United States. This is a great opportunity for undergraduate students, as they are called to present and defend policy initiatives related to the transatlantic alliance to a panel of judges made up of diplomats, foreign policy experts, and reporters.

The 2020 Schuman Challenge will be on October 30, 2020 in Washington, D.C. The theme is: "How should the EU and the U.S respond to China’s alternative models of governance? Address a specific example or case study."

Research Assignments

Isabel: Focus research on the status quo is allowing China to rise as a power to take over development aid to the developing world, or any and all other areas that china is rising in international power -- Ideally framing all of this as a problem with specific consequences.

Brandyn: examples of past US multilateralism that have been successful -- Ideally cooperation with Europe would be good.

Paige: read the 2019 Joint Communication EU-China – A strategic outlook. Do additional research from there on what the goals and capabilities for effective multilateral international action with the US could be.

Owen: Focus on Trump administrations disengagement and how we need a renewed focus on internationalism and multilateral cooperation. Frame it as US is key in our current moment to step up along with Europe to check back China.