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REL 105: Religious Literacy - Trainor (Spring 2021)

Library Catalog

The Library Catalog locates books, journals (not articles), microfilm, dvds, cds, and U.S. documents owned by the UVM Libraries. There are two versions of the catalog: CATQuest version and the Classic Library Catalog. Each version has its advantages and disadvantages. On this page you'll find instructions on how to use the CATQuest version of the Library Catalog.

See also the "References" section (pp.231-257) in the back of Mindful America by Jeff Wilson for additional books, book chapters, and articles.

In addition to Mindful America, consider this book, which covers a variety of topics : The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness (click the book link to see the Table of Contents in the catalog record).  Call Number: BF 321 .W5495 2014 (2 volumes).

Search for Books in the CATQuest version of the Library Catalog - by Keyword)

Use your own words (Keyword search) in the Advanced Search mode to locate books on your topic. The computer searches for your words anywhere in the record, not just the subject heading field. While this type of search yields more results, many of the books will not be relevant to your topic. 

Tip! To view the most recently published books at the top of your list of results, sort by "Date-newest" instead of Relevance or Title.

And - combines terms; All terms must be present; narrows and focuses a search.  Example: mindfulness AND education
Tip:  AND must be uppercase.

Or - combines synonyms or alternative terms that have a similar meaning; ANY of the terms must be present; broadens your search. Example: education OR schools OR classroom
Tip: , OR must be uppercase

Tip: To search for a word/root word and all its possible endings, use the truncation symbol  * : [meditat* finds meditate, meditation, etc.]

Sample Keyword Search in the Advanced Search mode:

Browse the Stacks

Find a useful book in the stacks? Since books on a similar topic are shelved together, browse in that area to discover other books that might be useful.

Check Out a Book

Bring book/s to the Circulation Desk, located next to the library's entrance. Your student ID serves as your library card. The loan period for undergraduate students is 4 weeks. You may request a renewal if you still need the book/s after the due date.

Check out as many books as you need.

Can't Find the Book on the Shelf?

If you can't find the book on the shelf you should either go to the Circulation Desk and ask for help, or you may put a search on the book by submitting the Book Search Request form.

Renew Books

Books that are not overdue may be renewed online.

The link Renew a Book is on the Library Homepage, under the category "Services."

Curbside Pick-up Service

Curbside Pickup (How to....)

Monday-Friday, 8 am - 10 am, UVM affiliates (students, staff, and faculty) may pick up Howe Library books, books obtained through Interlibrary Loan, and media equipment and DVDs by appointment at a designated area adjacent to the Howe Library front entrance. Howe Library Circulation and Multimedia Services staff will communicate with borrowers via email (or phone) to locate requested materials and coordinate pickup and drop-off times.

Document Delivery (materials owned by UVM Libraries)

UVM students may request scans of articles and book chapters from materials available in Howe Library regular print and microform collections. ILL staff will scan articles or book chapters and deliver them as a PDF to a user's Interlibrary Loan (ILL) portal. There is no fee. Copyright law applies.

Requests for ILL and Document Delivery may be placed online. Log in to your ILL portal using your UVM netid and e-mail password.
If you are making a request for the first time, you will need to register for the service before making a request. View a brief video on this page for instructions on how to register.

Find more details and a link to the request forms. There is also a link ("ILL/DD" green button) on the Library homepage.

When you enter your ILL portal, in the left sidebar, select 

View a brief video on this page for instructions on how to request print items through document delivery.