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ANTH 040: TAP Parenting and Childhood - Blom (Fall 2021)

Finding Articles for this class and others ...

Many professors will require that you focus on the scholarly journal literature as you conduct your research. Depending on the assignment, other professors may not have this requirement. However, it is important to be able to discern the scholarly, peer-reviewed journal literature from other types of periodical literature.

What is a Scholarly Journal?: Distinguishing between Scholarly and Non-Scholarly Periodicals


Here is a list of selected, recommended databases to help you find scholarly journal articles on biological anthropology-related topics:

Connecting to UVM subscription resources from off campus

Links from the Libraries websites (databases, journal articles, electronic resources)  are automatically proxied for off campus use and you do not need to do anything else. If you haven’t already authenticated, attempting to access a library resource will generate a UVM log-in screen for you to enter your NetID and password.

Using Google Scholar from off campus

The easiest and recommended way to access library subscription journal articles directly from Google Scholar is to access Google Scholar from the link to it that the library provides -- either from this library research guide (Finding articles)  or from the "Research databases" list  on the Howe Library home page (click on the green button called: Research databases.)