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ANTH 040: TAP Parenting and Childhood - Blom (Fall 2021)

Finding Books

The library provides 2 interfaces to search the library catalog for books.

1) CATQuest is a search engine that provides information about, and access to a wide variety of materials from the UVM Libraries and beyond.

To search the Library Catalog using CATQuest:

  • In the main search box on the library home page, click on: Advanced Search
  • On the top of the Advanced Search screen, click the pull-down menu in the Search box (defaults to CATQuest) and select: Library Catalog

2) Classic Library Catalog is a search interface that searches books, journal titles (not articles), microfilm collections, audiovisual materials, and U.S. documents (1976->) owned by UVM.

  • Use the Guided Keyword search option to search by topic for materials in the UVM Libraries.

** The most comprehensive resource for locating books is a database that UVM subscribes to, called WorldCat.

When using WorldCat and other larger catalogs of books, use Interlibrary Loan to order materials of importance to you, that we do not own. First, make sure it is something that you really need.

How do I know if a book is scholarly/ academic?

  • Who wrote the book?  What are their credentials to write the book?  Are they scholars in their field? (To answer this, read the biographical description of the authors provided in the book; Google them to see their professional associations - university faculty are easy to find by Googling.)
  • Who is the intended audience?  Is the book written by scholars with the intent that other scholars are the primary audience?  (See questions below.)
  • Is the language formal, containing jargon, and assuming knowledge of a field? (Answering YES to this points to scholarly book.)
  • What is the purpose of the book?  Is it to present research in a field? To analyze other scholars' work?  (Answering YES to this points to scholarly book.)
  • Who published the book?  Is it published by a university press, scholarly association, or known publisher of scholarship? (University press or scholarly association is a great indicator that the answer is YES - scholarly book)
  • Does the book include cited references and a bibliography (generally extensive)?  (Answering YES to this points to scholarly book.)

Finding ebooks in the UVM Libraries' collections

ThumbnailFinding ebooks in the UVM Libraries' collections

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The UVM Libraries has a large collection of ebooks on a wide variety of topics. This tutorial will help you get started using these materials.

Most of these ebooks can be found by searching in CATQuest which is the search tool on the library homepage.

Start by typing a title or keywords in the search box and running your search.

The initial results include many types of sources including articles, books, data sets, and more. Narrow the results to books using the "Resource Type" option on the left and choosing "Books."

To further limit to ebooks, use the "Quick Limits" option on the left and choose "Online Resources."

The items on the list should now be ebooks.

To see a book immediately click on the link marked, "Available Online" or "Online Access."

Before reading the book, you can review the description and table of contents in order to decide if the book meets your needs.

You can read the book in your browser.

Or you can download the book to read offline.

Thanks for watching, if you have questions, Ask a Librarian!