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Streaming Video at UVM

Guide to streaming video in the UVM collections and resources to assist in teaching with streaming video.

Creating Links for Off-Campus Use

If you want to create a link to a video for off-campus viewing (other than within the Blackboard Course Management System)you will need to use links to videos that pass them through the Library's proxy server. In order to link to streaming videos you will need to:

  • locate stable URLs (also known as persistent links, permalinks, or shareable links)
  • ensure that all links you create will be routed through the Libraries' proxy server to permit off-campus login

Linking to Streaming Videos With Stable URLs

Stable URLs, when they are available, can usually be found on the page that describes the video. Sometimes they can also be located by following a link to bookmark or share an item. Do not simply use the URL that appears in the address bar of your browser as this will usually not work. 

In order for a stable URL to work from off-campus it must be preceded by the following proxy server information:


The following image show the location of a stable URL (aka share link) within the Kanopy Streaming video service.

Share Link Location

The full URL with the proxy information for this item would then be: