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American Historical Periodicals

Guide to historical periodicals available online. The majority of the publications on this guide are in the public domain and can be accessed freely by anyone.

About this Guide

This guide provides access to online historical periodicals in a range of topical areas. Most of the materials in this guide are available through the HathiTrust and are in the public domain (published before 1927). Public domain materials can be viewed in their entirity by anyone. Items not in the public domain are clearly marked. Select the topic area you are interested below or by choosing one of the tabs that run across the top of the page.

General Interest Periodicals: Current events, literary magazines, scientific and other periodicals for a general readership.

African-American Periodicals: Titles on the back to Africa movement, African-American rights, and for an African-American audience. Includes limited access to The Crisis (the publication of the NAACP edited by W.E.B. DuBois).

Agriculture Periodicals: All aspects of farming and gardening.

Architecture & Urban Planning: Design, homes, building trades, and planning.

Industry & Commerce Periodicals: Trade journals from a variety of industies including engineering, banking, and more.

Transportation Periodicals: Railroads, highways, and the early auto age. Includes some tourism related materials.

Women's Magazines: Titles devoted to home economics, fashion, and the betterment of women.



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