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A listing of some basic reference works, databases, and Web sites for research in music and its many related fields, with an invitation to browse and discover other resources in print and online.

What is a collected edition?

Collected Editions:  Collected editions are the outcome of a long scholarly effort to publish an accurate and complete edition of a significant composer's works. Two famous ones, the new collected editions of the works of J.S. Bach and W.A. Mozart, were begun in the 1950s and finished only in 2007. Painstaking research and editorial expertise make these editions a valuable part of any music collection. In some cases they may be the only source for a given work in this library.

To browse the Howe Library collection of collected editions, go to the 3rd floor to the QUARTO M3 section (off to the left once you reach the 3rd floor by the main stairs).  Collected editions are in alphabetical order by composer last name.  Indexes to collected editions are in the database Oxford Music Online.




Collected edition titles

Kritische Gesamtausgabe (Grm.)

  • Handel - QUARTO M3 .H26

Oeuvres complètes (Fr.)

  • Couperin  - QUARTO M3 .C856
  • Debussy - QUARTO M3 .D33

Oeuvres intégrales (Fr.)

Opere complete (It.)

  • Frescobaldi -QUARTO M3 .F89
  • Palestrina - QUARTO M3.P13 C2

Tutte le opera (It.)

Opera omnia (Lat.)

  • Morales - QUARTO M3 .M675 1952
  • Dufay - QUARTO M3 .D9
  • Willaert - QUARTO M3 .W6
  • Clemens non Papa - QUARTO M3 .C6

Sobranie sochinenii (Rs.)

  • Shostakovich - QUARTO M3 .S53

Souborne vydani (Cz.)

  • Dvořák - QUARTO  M3 .D93

Gesammelte Werke (Grm.)

  • De la Motte - QUARTO M3 .M68 1973

Musikalische Werke (Grm.)

  • Machaut - QUARTO M3 .G914 
  • Telemann - QUARTO M3 .T4 
  • Liszt - QUARTO M3 .L77 1908a 
  • Cornelius - QUARTO M3 .C775 1971

Neue Ausgabe Sämtlicher Werke (Grm.)

  • Schütz - M3 .S3912
  • Schein - M3 .S323
  • Bach, J.S. - QUARTO M3 .B1133 (Dokumente, Krit, Ber.)
  • Mozart - QUARTO M3 .M896 [Ser][Werkgr.][Band] etc. 

    Sämtliche Werke (Grm.)


Werke (Grm.)

  • Haydn - QUARTO M3 .H46

Werken (Dt.)

Complete Works


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