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REL 080 Religion and Race in America


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Daisy Benson
David W. Howe Memorial Library, Room 100

Starting Places - Library Catalogs

Finding Books: For best results finding books use the Advanced Search in CATQuest and limit the search to Library Catalog.

Tip: Use an * at the end of a search term to search for variant versions of a term. For example poet* will find poet, poets, poetry, poetic.


Library of Congress Subject Headings are used to describe the books in our and other library collections. They are standardized terms assigned by the Library of Congress and change slowly. Some terms describe the genre of a work while others may describe the topic. In CATQuest when you look at the full information about a books you will see these in the section marked "Subjects." Use the associated links to find additional works with the designated subject. Here are a few examples of Subjects.

Terms For Topics Terms Describing Primary Sources
  • Indians of North America
  • Indian Authors
  • Creek Indians
  • Interviews
  • Personal Narratives
  • Sources
  • Letters


Article Databases

News Sources

Selected Web Sites