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HCOL 185A Visualizing History - India - McGowan (Fall 2021)

Times of India

Times of India -- Tips:

  • Search for terms and limit by date
  • Further limit by date in results
  • Switch to full page view and then browse through the paper

  • Grab citations for your notes – these include durable URLs but you may need to edit/create titles for ads as none have been created by the provider.
  • Download PDFs for adding to your Padlet

Group Padlet

  • Click on link to open the Padlet (
  • Click on the + symbol to add a new item
  • Give your post a title
  • Click on the Upload icon to add an image (PDF that you’ve downloaded from The Times of India)
  • Paste the Citation Information into the post
  • Publish

Create Your Own Padlet

Create Your Own Padlet

  • You will be using Padlet to create an image gallery for your own work. To create a new Padlet of your own go to:
  • Login using one of the authentication options provided (I recommend using your UVM credentials as that will ensure that your name is the same as the name Professor McGowan has on record)
  • Click on Make a Padlet
  • Choose a format – I recommend starting with the Wall type – you can change this later if you want (look under the … “three dots” icon for “Change Format”)
  • You can share the Padlet with others by clicking the Share button and Copying the Link to ClipBoard


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