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HCOL 185J: Jews Under Fascism and Nazism - Schrafstetter (Fall 2021)

General Strategies

Strategy One: Start with Known Items

Start your research by consulting materials on a topic that your have used in class or that have been recommended to you by your professor.

  • Review the footnotes and bibliography for additional books to consult.
  • Look the book up in the UVM Library Catalog and see what other books share the same "subject."

Strategy Two: Browsing

When you are looking for books on the shelves of the Howe Library, look at the books near the book you went to look for. Books on similar topics are shelved together and you will often find excellent materials by browsing the shelves in this way.

Strategy Three: Cast a Wide Net

Cast a wide net. Use a variety of databases as you look for resources.Look beyond UVM by using Interlibrary Loan.

Strategy Four: Be Persistent

Research is an iterative process. You won't know what you are really looking for until you have already done some work. Give yourself  time to go back and rethink what resources you need as your understanding of your topic or question grows.

Strategy Five: Keep Track

In addition to taking careful notes as you read, take notes about where and how you locate information. This will save you time when you go back to search for more information.