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BCOR 101: Genetics - Preston (Fall 2022)

About This Page

This page collects articles to help brainstorm project ideas and start your literature searches. Click the "more..." link to see APA citations:

Food Systems

 • Regulation of CRISPR Modified Crops:

 • Fixed Heterozygosity of F1 Hybrid Rice:

 • The Development of Plum Pox Virus Resistant Plum:

 • Generation of Virus Resistant Papaya:

Medical/Human Health

 • Implications of CRISPR:

 • CRISPR and Germline Editing:

 • Xenotransplantation (cross species organ transplants):

 • Mitochondrial Transfer (three parent babies):


Gene drive systems that target reproduction of malaria vector:

 • GMO Chestnut Trees:

Video: How GMOs Are Regulated... Or Not

Video: Recombination with Restriction Enzymes

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